Real Estate


TPI’s expertise in commercial real estate extends from beyond local commercial real estate advisory, acquisition, and management. Besides our regional firm abilities that have allowed us to deliver superior results to our clients and partners, our principals have served as agents and/or consultants on several large commercial real estate transactions totaling more than 5 billion dollars including small to large office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other retail centers. With our broad based experience, we are able to assist clients identify strategic acquisitions for internal business expansion or long term investments and advise on the transaction all the way through closing.


TPI Real Estate has provided the Washington, D.C. area with professional real estate services since 1993 TPI’s real estate broker and agents have handled every aspect of residential real estate for the last 20 years, gaining invaluable knowledge of the intricacies of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area real estate market. TPI’s core business is tax advice and preparation, and that practice allows our experienced realtors to provide our clients with the benefit of their transaction experience on any real estate matters including rental and property management, residential real estate acquisitions, Internal Revenue Code Section 1099 exchanges and other long term real estate strategies. We hope to have the opportunity to assist you in the sale of your home, the purchase of another real estate investment or to help you buy the home of your dreams

We analyze each aspect of your transaction to point out any potential problems and solutions. Our first goal will be to provide great service with knowledge and integrity.



Through many years of placing loans and a deep understanding of ever changing lender guidelines, we will ensure that the information we provide you is accurate, honest and helpful in your getting a mortgage.


Successful day-to-day operations require an uninterrupted supply of capital for your commercial funding needs and operating capital. That’s where TPI fits into your financial picture. We’re a ready source of experience and capital to meet your business funding needs for cash flow, expansion or other needs. Our capital partners are able to meet the most demanding situations. There is no project type or size which is too small or large. We will assist you to acquire, refinance or build your project. Our goal is to enable your business to run smoothly and profitably, day in and day out with smart funding solutions and options. We offer a full suite of lending products tailored to your individual business needs.

TPI will meet business owners’ needs for commercial loans to buy a business with real estate, refinance a commercial real estate asset (like a gas station, strip mall, industrial warehouse, office building, motel, hotel, etc.) or refinance a business with real estate.


Businesses with varying revenue streams need capital during slow periods or during expansion to operate efficiently. A business line of credit can help entrepreneurs and business owners stay financially afloat or fit until the excess funds from more lucrative months roll in. Predicting the degree of a seasonal downswing is difficult, making ‘term loans’ an impractical business financing solution. Fortunately, with a business line of credit, borrowers only have to pay interest on the amount used. This is just one of our business financing solutions. We offer many funding solutions, from LOC, SBA and term loan. Let TPI analyze your business financing situation. Your business health is our goal.


When you’re building or renovating a home, TPI construction-to-permanent loan solutions covers you from the ground up. Financing for the lot, construction and mortgage are covered in a single loan. Since there is one closing, and one set of closing costs, you save time and money. This approach offers the convenience of combined financing and it saves time/money.

A TPI construction-to-permanent loan may be right for you if you:

  • Are building a primary residence or vacation home
  • Need to buy a lot and build and mortgage a home
  • Just need to build and mortgage a home