We can help make Tax Season your favorite season of the year!

April 15th comes every year, yet many people don’t plan ahead. TPI can evaluate your entire financial situation and improve that dreaded tax return every year. There are thousands of options that can enhance your bottom line. Instead of the dread-you will look forward to tax season to find out how much money can be saved from the previous year and in future years by consulting with us! Don’t wait until the year is over to change your portfolio.

The “Do-it-yourself” trap

Trying to interpret tax laws and property fill out the forms for your unique situation is not easy for the average taxpayer. Your circumstances are truly like no other person’s, yet the IRS gives everyone the same set of basic instructions! How do you know if you filled the forms out correctly? How do you know if you could have received a larger return? What was missed could result in that long awaited vacation your family was hoping for!

Business Accounting Services

Profits down? Tired of dealing with HR hassles? Trying to start-up a new company? Don’t worry, TPI has the solutions. We have been helping business solve problems since 1994 and have turned may bleak situations into profit center. All it takes is a phone call and an appointment for a consultation. TPI is unique in that we do not bill our clients by the hour! You will only be charged for the services that you decide to use from us.

-Corporation Set-up
-Employee Leasing
-Human Resources
-Insurance Plans
-Retirement Plans
-Executive Fringe Benefits
-Business Continuation
-Government Compliance

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