When it comes to taxes, the team at TPI gets serious. Even though paying taxes is inevitable, there are many ways to make it less painful.

TPI offers comprehensive tax planning for both individuals and corporations to minimize taxes, maximize savings, and help you achieve your financial goals. We use a number of different tax minimization strategies, which we tailor to your specific situation and needs, and we offer estate planning, a smart way to minimize taxes no matter what your net worth might be.

If you pop up on the radar of the IRS or suddenly find out you owe taxes from 3 years ago, no worries – TPI will handle your IRS audit and work with them to resolve unpaid taxes while doing our best to protect you.

Our tax planning experts often save high-income clients thousands of dollars in taxes. We will carefully review your tax strategies and past tax returns to make sure you pay only the taxes you must. With expert tax strategies and planning, you can minimize your tax bill in a number of smart, legal ways
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After our review of your unique tax situation, you will discover your best options to:
• Lower your tax bracket
• Defer income
• Reduce your marginal tax rate
• Shifting income
• Lower your gross income
• Shield some income from taxes
• Reduce taxes on investments
• Establish tax-reducing retirement accounts
• Minimize business taxes
• Maximize deductions
• And more

“TPI has been my accounting firm for more than 15 years. During that time their tax strategies have saved me and my company thousands of dollars”
J. Smith, business owner, Leesburg VA