TPI Uses a Special IRS Hotline to Help Clients with IRS issues

Fear not a letter from the IRS when you have TPI’s experts in your corner! You can count on our experienced team to handle an IRS issues or audit and resolve your taxes as quickly as possible.  You will not have to talk to the IRS or suffer through their bureaucracy and paperwork. TPI’s team will represent you from day one.

We have a special “hot line” to the IRS. We call the IRS directly on your behalf and quickly resolve the issue, if possible, right over the phone.

If our conversation with the IRS reveals that you have a problem that is deeper, we can discover the real issue right away. You will not need to wait months for a letter response from the IRS.

Our team includes an IRS enrolled-agent. This gives us special phone access to the IRS that is not available to individuals. This access enables us to bypass the IRS paperwork bureaucracy.

We will only provide the information that the IRS needs while working diligently to compile the details they request. Naturally, we will work hard on your behalf to reduce your liability and save your sanity.

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